This one came about while at a bar, when I realized that's where a lot of people to go reflect on their - you guessed it - faults. So I saw the physical bar itself as a fault line. Sometimes it's just about reflection, but other times that's when decisions get made for things to happen, for better or worse! Pretty appropriate analogy, I think.



I wave my hand for one more round
Clarity won’t give up her ground easily
This bar feels two miles long
Mirrors make it carry on
There’s too many of me

Looking around at hollow smiles
Looking down at cold stone tiles
Stained with shame
It’s a fault line running through this town
I come to every then and now
To lay some blame
Oh, staring down a fault line
Oh, staring down a fault line

The dewdrops on my glass subside
And reminds me how she didn’t cry
Gone like a wave
After so many deja vus
You think it’s something to do with you
Wonder what they say

Heartache races through my brain
Like square wheels running on a freight train
Can’t slow it down
There’s a fine line between hurt and damaged
I’m on that fence but I guess I’ll manage
To go another round

Oh, walking down a fault line
Oh, walking down a fault line

I’ll pay my tab and move along
Once this band plays my song Thunder Road
I wonder if my Mary
Will waltz herself one day in here & say hello

But maybe I should trade my liquor
For a double shot of scripture & leave it in His hands
'Cause if I can’t find the fault in me
I’ll keep courting misery ‘til I’m under this land

Oh, looking down a fault line
Oh, looking down a fault line