We are a husband and wife team ( We were married September 7, 2021, and yes, we managed to be our own photographers, with a little help from a timer button-CHECK OUT OUR WEDDING PHOTOS IN THE GALLERY) and both have a love for capturing moments in time that speak a thousand words!  We enjoy being both behind the lens and editing together in what we describe as a "perfect fit" of creativity and fun! 

Whether we are capturing moments of your family, special occasions or cooking and photographing food for a magazine or company, we strive to do more than just take a picture.  Our goal is to capture a memory that tells a story of your life and what you hold dear.  

Phil got into photography over 20 years ago while living in Los Angeles and working at Sony Pictures.  Gena began capturing moments more intently 18 years ago after the birth of their oldest child.  Together we inspire each other which is seen in every image we deliver.

Our love story began in December of 2020 and has carried over into every facet of our lives.  We do our best work together, complimenting the talents of each other, both behind the camera and in running the business!  The final product is a beautiful representation of our best work for you, the client, and the realization that we are better together, period! We love to travel and capture memories of our own so follow us on Facebook to see our many adventures, follow our love story and more beautiful pictures!  We love this journey we are on together!  It is everything we've ever dreamed.

Thank you for stopping by and checking us out!  The road is beautiful and winding and we'd love to share a piece of it with you, as we tell YOUR story from behind the lens!  


Phil & Gena