It took me a long while, but I finally found some words in memory of a sweet friend we lost last year. 


Here I sit

Under stars

Where a copse of pines used to be

That echoed my guitar

Now they’re gone

So I play

Sending notes out to the sky

Like some hopeless serenade

From a distance

I saw the storm

Came up quick and violent

And flooded in a summer warm

We learned

By break of day

All that rain from the heavens

Had washed her pain and soul away



Rivers flow, leaves will blow

Resign to realize

Time will always steal the show

Just love

The time you’re in

Cause echoes sometimes don’t come back

And favorite songs will always end


I gotta say

It’s kinda strange

I only knew her for a minute

Then had a sort of fadeaway

But still

It makes me smile

Like the first time that you heard a song

And felt you’d known it all the while

I doubt this drink

Will be my last

I like the way the world looks

Blurred and curved through my glass

It's just my way

To recall

How I found somewhere in sorrow

Faith and sage direction from it all