I gotta hand it to my parents. They always had some musical outlet within reach throughout my upbringing. My mom's dad blew the sax. Dad played guitar, and beyond that, we always had instruments around the house. I took after my dad & leaned towards guitar. My sister, Tracie, took up piano. My brother, Jason, took to drums. My other sisters Jaye, Kelly and Ellen have always had angelic voices that could harmonize with anything from gospels to a dial-up modem. Even one of my sisters is married to a country music Hall of Famer, so music is tightly woven into our family fabric.

I've always kept dad's Hohner acoustic, which is now about 50 years old, with me every place I've moved. I can only play by ear, so I picked out some songs here & there along the way that weren't too complicated and played with friends are parties & such. [Odd bit of trivia: When I lived in Los Angeles, I formed a band with a guy and called us Adam's Housecat (we had 2 gigs), but that was before I'd known of Drive By Truckers, whose original band name was -- you guessed it -- Adam's Housecat! Furthermore, they band members not only have heavy ties to Alabama, they are based in Athens, Georgia, where I would be living years later. Great minds think alike, eh?]

Anyway, living up to my reputation as a late bloomer, I managed to eek out a few original songs just over the past couple of years. Some life experiences caught up with me - and keep catching up - so I found a few were most easily expressed with lyrics and a melody. Thanks for checking them out!